Choosing your underlay

Lifestyle Flooring recommends the Hyper brand of underlays from Floorwise.

It is lightweight and made from recycled material and manufactured using the latest technology, giving you a great underlay for your flooring. The underlay can also be fully recycled at the end of its life too, rather than filling up landfills.

There are different underlays for different areas of your home:

SHD Super High Density for hallway and stairs – a super highly compressed material which gives superior performance.

HD High Density for lounge and dining rooms, a high performance foam compressed to a greater level to encase more product in the same space which improves performance.

SD Standard Density, a high performance PU Foam

To make life easier, the underlay has ratings to help chose which underlay is right for your home

Comfort plushness rating – the higher the rating the better it will feel under foot
Bounce back ability rating – the higher the rating the better the performance underfoot, it will also help to prevent the rucking of carpet
Durability, wear characteristics – The higher the rating the better the durability over time.

You can get an idea of the right underlay for your requirements by deciding what the room needs from its carpet. For instance if it is a bedroom then luxury is at the top of the list, so products with a high comfort or plushness rating are going to be the ones to consider.

Depending on the footfall your rooms experience, you may choose an underlay with a high bounce back ability rating especially if there is a lot of traffic. If luxury and high footfall are needed, then high ratings in all areas are the ones to consider.

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